Psychic Readings

So you want to talk about what's going on for, and what's coming up with, you!  Don't feel guilty, it's programmed into us to think of others first.
A Psychic Reading is all about you! What's going on in your life now and in the short term. It's also for guidance in the long term and my Psychic Readings use both Tarot Cards and Numerology to give an in depth reading going forward for three years.
Psychic readings are all about WELLNESS.  To feel good about our future we need to feel in control.  By knowing what's coming up we get empowered to take control of our future. 
Take a minute to have a look at this video so I can explain to you about the psychic reading:

So if you're still ready to go ahead and book here's what you can expect from your reading:

90 minute online reading

Video recording of your reading for you to download and keep

Full and indepth tarot card reading covering the next 18 months

Numerology reading - to give you even more in depth knowledge of what's coming up for the next three years.  The numerology report includes:

Your life path number and a full explanation of what that means to you.  The life path number is the most important number in your chart - people also call it their lucky number or their soul number.  It dictates your personality and how you react to things that happen in life

A synopsis of what to expect for each of the coming three years, i.e. the current year plus three subsequent years

A month my month personalised forecast of what is coming up for you each month for the next 3 years (36 months)

Pre-Reading Checklist to help you to prepare for your reading

Free Positive Thinking Affirmation to help you relax and look forward with positivity and acceptance (Audio Download)

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